Rave Reviews

  • Ingrid & Staff….You are AMAZING!!!

    You did the flowers for my Wedding last week and we couldn’t have loved them more! After 3 attempts at a Wedding Ceremony in the year of covid, I was so bummed that I completely forgot about the flowers I needed to order.

    I flew into your store with 3 days to spare and no idea of what I wanted and you ladies jumped right in and made it all make sense.

    You have a new customer for life…..I loved my flowers and love you ladies for making them extra special…Thank You so much

    Debra Farnsworth
  • Big shout out to one of our local operators. Bri and I went into to town yesterday to get flowers for my sister’s service next weekend. We arrived at Grass Valley Florist at about 3:30pm. We walked up and read the sign that said open Saturdays until 2:30pm. Bummed that we missed it we started to walk back to the car when woman came out and said “lights are on and you are welcome to come in.”

    Very excited we walked in and she told us to take our time and look around, asked a few questions and an hour later we walked out with everything taken care of. We learned during that time that she was the owner. She was delightful and caring and so accommodating. As we wrapped everything up I told her that I would come back next Saturday and pick them up since they were closed on Sunday and again she went above and beyond. She shared that she would deliver to Twin Cities and arrange that with them. She gave us two purple roses and said I am so sorry for your loss. Living in a small town is so amazing and this was just one of those amazing examples. Thank you Grass Valley Florist. You have my business for life!

    Brianna Franchi
    feeling blessed
  • Last week I ordered flowers for a birthday for the first time here. The owner took my order over the phone for a same day order (I live in the SF Bay Area). They attempted delivery to the recipient’s job but ended up having to deliver to their home instead (recipient was off work). Ordering was easy, friendly, and they went above and beyond to deliver the arrangement. I was thinking about ordering from one of those on-line florists (1-800 flowers, etc) but I’m soooo glad I didn’t. Plus, I’m glad I could proudly say that I contributed to a local business.

    Rowzbud R.
    San Leandro
  • Grass Valley Florist is by far the best in town. The have very reasonable prices, do a wonderful job and will even get you your caffeine fix while you’re in! Thank you for all of the beautiful arrangements thus far, you’ll be hearing from me again soon!

    Preston D.
    Grass Valley
  • I live in Portland, Oregon but sometimes need to send flowers to Nevada City. The ladies at Grass Valley Florist are sweet and their customer service is outstanding. I must remember to stop in next time I’m in town!

    Kari C.
  • I have gotten flowers from them on many occasions, and I haven’t been disappointed.

    Sam B.
    San Francisco
  • If you’re not sure what to get a friend or loved one, be sure to stop by Grass Valley Florist for flower and gift ideas! Grab a cup of coffee and take your time browsing or ask for ideas if you’re totally stumped!

    Lynda T.
    Grass Valley
  • I love going into Grass Valley Florist. Ingrid is always so focused on making sure that the arrangement I am taking home or sending is just the way I want it. She has lovely gifts and cards, and after shopping I can sit on the deck and have coffee and some treats that she sells. This is just a fun place to be. Her staff is always attentive and helpful too.

    Grass Valley
  • Lovely assortment! Went in not knowing what I wanted, just told them I needed a bouquet for a thank you gift and while I waited they quickly whipped up an amazing creation! The recipient and I both thought their arrangement was totally gorgeous. I will definitely be back the next time I’m in town!

    Adelle-Akiko K.
  • Ingrid did the flowers for our wedding at Empire Mine 2 weeks ago and everything turned out great! Their prices are good, and she knows how to arrange everything perfectly!

    San Francisco
  • Grass Valley Florist is my go-to place for gifts not to mention flowers. They are so friendly and helpful. So much more than your typical florist!

    Grass Valley
  • Fresh Flowers, Hot Coffee, AND Cool gifts! The drive thru is soooo convenient!

  • Their “tag line” says it all: “Fresh flowers, hot coffee, cool gifts!” The staff is enthusiastic, and they are happy to make the perfect arrangement and deliver it with perfect timing — even when you need it “yesterday!” I’ve also found so many wonderful gifts in their shop, and return there regularly for the Wi-Fi access in a joyful atmosphere.

    Grass Valley
  • Mick C. Grass Valley