Brianna Franchi
feeling blessed

Big shout out to one of our local operators. Bri and I went into to town yesterday to get flowers for my sister’s service next weekend. We arrived at Grass Valley Florist at about 3:30pm. We walked up and read the sign that said open Saturdays until 2:30pm. Bummed that we missed it we started to walk back to the car when woman came out and said “lights are on and you are welcome to come in.”

Very excited we walked in and she told us to take our time and look around, asked a few questions and an hour later we walked out with everything taken care of. We learned during that time that she was the owner. She was delightful and caring and so accommodating. As we wrapped everything up I told her that I would come back next Saturday and pick them up since they were closed on Sunday and again she went above and beyond. She shared that she would deliver to Twin Cities and arrange that with them. She gave us two purple roses and said I am so sorry for your loss. Living in a small town is so amazing and this was just one of those amazing examples. Thank you Grass Valley Florist. You have my business for life!